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There are very few adult Australians who haven't been touched by critical illness, be it personally or via a friend or family member. As we get older, the chances increase for ourselves and our loved ones.

Common critical illnesses and events include cancer, stroke and heart attack. With modern medical developments, many suffers will make a full or partial recovery. Unfortunately, their financial situation may not enjoy the same recovery.

Such events may require a year or more away from work, which for many Australians would mean severe financial hardship, right at the time they need it least.

Trauma Insurance, also known as Critical Illness Insurance, can provide you with a lump sum payment to be used however you see fit. Funds may be used to reduce or extinguish debt, to replace income and to fund costly medical expenses that may not be fully covered by private health insurance.

Trauma Insurance allows you to concentrate on your recovery, without having to struggle back to work or worry about financial matters.

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